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How to use this Converter

1. From the list of available units choose the one, that you want to convert from.
To convert 20 meters into feet, choose meter.

2. Type your value in the box against the unit you\'ve chosen and click the nearest Convert button.
To convert 20 meters into feet, type 20 and click Convert.

3. The value you\'ve entered gets converted into all available units. Find the unit you needed to convert to and read the value in the box against it.
To convert 20 meters into feet, find the value in the box marked foot.

What significant figures option means

In everyday life one probably does not need to know that 1 meter is equal to 1.093613 yards. It is probably close enough to say that 1 meter is about 1.09 yards. But in some situations you really need precise values.

That\'s what significant figures switch is for. You can yourself choose how you want you results to be rounded off. The less number of significant figuress you choose, the more your results will be rounded.

The rule is: when you need easy rounded off numbers, switch significant figures to 2 or 3. When you need precision, go for 5 to 7 significant figures.

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