Online weights and measurements conversion

Online weights and measurements conversion

Welcome to Convert Plus! Here you can convert just about anything to anything else. You can easily perform online conversions (e.g. metric conversions) for many measurement systems both commonly used like metric and U.S. Avoirdupois and quite exotic like Ancient Greek and Roman. And the popularity of the Convert Plus has grown such that there now over 30,000 people every week using it.

Area Conversion
Convert area units, including metric conversion, British and American, old Russian.

Capacity and Volume Conversion
Conversion of liquid and dry measures of volume, including metric conversion, U.S., British Imperial, Japanese, Thai, old Russian and cooking units.

Circular Measure Conversion
Conversions between degrees, radians, nautical rhumbs, etc.

Computer Storage Conversion
Conversions between bits, bytes, megabytes and other computer data storage units.

Currency Converter
Exchange rates for any currencies, select the desired currencies and amount for which you would like to conduct the currency conversion.

Distance and Length Conversion
Convert measures of length, including metric conversion, British and American, old Russian, Japanese, Thai, ancient Greek and Roman, nautical, typographical and astronomical units.

Energy and Work Conversion
Conversion of energy and work units: international (SI), British and American units (BTU, squad, etc.) and TNT energy equivalents.

Fuel Consumption Conversion
Conversion of fuel consumption (efficiency rates) for cars or any other means of transport. In the U.S. and Great Brinain fuel consumption is usually measured in MPG (miles per gallon) while in the rest of the world it is mostly measured in litres per 100 kilometers.

Mass and Weight Conversion
Convert weight measures, including metric conversion, Avoirdupois (U.S.), Troy, Apothecaries, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, old Russian, ancient Greek and Roman units.

Power Conversion
Conversion of power units: international (SI), common units (horsepower, etc.), British and American units.

Pressure Conversion
Convert pressure measurements, including metric conversion, mercury and some other common units.

Speed Conversion
Strictly speaking, speed is a composite measure, since it is actually distance travelled divided by travel time. However, here you can do some conversions between common speed units.

Temperature Conversion
Both absolute and relative temperature conversions between several known scales.

Time Conversion
Do you know that besides commonly used units like year and month which only have approximate values, there are exact astronomical units? Here you can do conversion with them too.

Torque Conversion
Conversion of torque units: international (SI), common metric, British and American units.

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Distance and Length
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